We Are The Cottage Group

Luxury with a Smaller Footprint

Through our work in the construction industry and our engagement with clients, we identified a niche for those seeking a smaller footprint and a more streamlined process. At Cottage Group, we provide a comprehensive, in-house service from the initial stages of lot selection to moving into the finished home. We conduct our own site analysis and collaborate with our sister company, Tribus Interior Design, for all interior selections, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience.

Our offerings include an in-house cabinet shop and dedicated designers, eliminating the need for clients to visit multiple places to choose tiles or plumbing fixtures. This integrated approach allows us to deliver a seamless and stress-free building process.

Thoughtfully Curated Plans

From our experience with past clients, we have curated around 35 thoughtfully designed plans to meet the diverse needs of the region. These plans incorporate various features that people desire in their homes, allowing for customization to suit different life stages. Whether it’s a bunk room for grandchildren, a dog run, a larger fitness room, a sauna, or a steam shower, the possibilities are limitless. We have created a strong foundation to personalize each home to the unique preferences and requirements of our clients.

“When we first walked in, it was kind of breathless, wasn’t it? Wow. I couldn’t believe It. It’s a dream house. It’s a dream come true to be able to design and or build your own home.”

Katie & Chaney, Home Owners

A Focus On People

We are not just trying to build homes; we are also focused on building relationships. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is maintaining connections with our clients even after the house is completed. We love when clients reach out to us to chat, grab a beer, or play a round of golf. Our clients know they can rely on us whenever they face any issues. They feel comfortable calling us, confident that we will be there to help them and not just leave them once the build is done.

At Cottage Group, we are committed to the quality of our builds. Our goal is for you to move into a home that you are proud of and that we are proud to have built. We aim to create homes that will last a lifetime for you and your family.

We are Matt and Liza Dillard, and we are the Cottage Group.

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